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KZ ED16 Initial Impressions

I recently received the KZ ED16 from AliExpress for the purpose of reviewing it, and for the people who know me, this is the first KZ IEM I'll own or review though I've heard a few of their previous products before. So before I ramble on, here's what I thought about the ED16 using the stock tips and a Zishan Z1 on stock op amp for the neutralness.

Out of the little box, I was surprised at the size of the ED16, it's smaller than what I expected and yet felt just right in the ear. Considering what I was listening to, I tracked down the treble first and dialed my most sibilant and treble harsh songs and was smiling that it didn't sound piercing, though there was a small amount of sibilance that wasn't distracting, so those are good things. Highs seems to reach a decent height that doesn't induce flinching on treble crashes or screaming strings and are relatively clear. Take note I read around 85db of volume on what I was listening using my handy dandy spl meter so it was pretty loud.

On to my favorite part, the mids! There is a nice level or warmth to the mids that makes instruments sound good, male vocals sound alright with some clarity and thickness, female vocals has the same bit of thickness to make them sound intimate and fun. One thing I noticed is there is some congestion in the mids when the songs become complicated with multiple instruments, sounds and vocals play and there is a bit of a bass bleed which might clear up with use.

The bass was pleasant, it was present and felt but impact feels a bit light to moderate which will likely get better as the diaphragm loosens up. Quantity and responsiveness was good and reach was alright. Rumble can be heard and moderately felt with a good speed of decay. There is a little bit of bass bleed as the bass levels goes up.

Soundstage seems of moderate width as the sound feels a bit distanced from your ear but with lower depth which contributes to a feeling of instruments being close together though you could tell them apart.

Overall, the ED16 is a bit of a surprise, the highs are nice, the mids are good, the bass is alright and it's pretty decent for the price you'd pay ($24 USD for the no mic and $25 USD for the one with a mic) and musically good. I'll look forward to how this develops as I listen more to this in the coming days.

Also, there seems to be a Facebook promotional discount (of unknown length) for the KZ ED16 on AliExpress, just follow the link HERE to Ali, click "BUY NOW", write "Facebook" in the order's message field, switch to "Other Payments" and then "PLACE ORDER" button (don't pay yet, just cancel the payment when asked to pay). The seller will manually adjust the price to $16 USD (no mic) and $17 USD (with mic) for you, then you'll need to pay the discounted price. Be patient, the price adjustment might take some time, but you will be informed via e-mail when it's adjusted.

Please note that the above is a promo by the Ali store and Audio Buko gets no money or benefit from it.

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